Type Safari: Islington


Type Safari: Islington

£12. For all (no previous creative experience necessary)
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Image: Gabriella Kovacs

Allyssa Syme2

Image: Allyssa Syme

An evening walk through Islington exploring history through the type seen in the signage along the way, photographing the lettering from signage and the environment to make up a phrase or saying.


Islington began as a Saxon village in C11. In 1590 there were 9 inns, these included the Angel which later gave its name to the area. By the C18 it had become a thriving social centre with a tramline, over 50 ale-houses on Upper Street alone, music halls and theatres. Walking around Islington today there are many buildings and establishments to be seen that trace Islington’s history.

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Above: Victorian display type influence, old and new Highbury & Islington signage, Screen on the Green – the ubiquitous Helvetica, contrasting theatre signs in Islington.

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