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‘Dalston’ by Mark Wilding

Dalston_Mark Wilding 300 halftone rect

‘Dalston’ by Mark Wilding

Having lived in the area for a number of years and witnessed the area change first hand Wilding created the Dalstonistist blog earlier in 2013. it fast gained a large readership and has become the go-to guide for everything Dalston, although he explains that “to be honest, mostly the fun stuff. Bars, clubs, gigs, restaurants and any other weird things that go on round here.”

“London is probably the best place in the world to live. But London, for me, is Dalston. A lot of the diversity and variety that makes London so great can be found mere moments away from my front door. My Type Tasting piece contains signage from Dalston institutions and some of the more recent additions to the area—reflecting the change that continues to take place. It’s also fairly rough and ready—just like Dalston itself.”

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Blog: Dalston reimagined

all together bigD_lrr

rubys r1 rubys r2

Blog: Dalston reimagined

We created an installation of Dalston signage in the Type Tasting studio and invited participants to create customised Dalston letters. A wide range of people joined in, from graphic designers and visiting design students to grandparents and children. It was a creative and colourful weekend. Click on the main image twice to see all the detail at full size.

Above is the Helvetica ‘R’ from the chatty cinema sign over Ruby’s Bar and below is the neon ‘A’ from Dalston Superstore.

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