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Creative Lockdown Project: Music alphabet

Creative Lockdown Project: Music alphabet

What music has been the soundtrack to your time in lockdown? Draw, photograph or take screengrabs of the letters from the names of your favourite bands or album covers. Combine these to make up a word or phrase that describes how the music has made you feel at this time of social distancing.

Share your finished project on social media with #CreativeLockdownProject. Tag #TypeTasting as I’ll be sharing some of the results.

These challenges are designed to be a bit of fun and to document our time collectively spent in lockdown. Please share it with friends and post your final results on social media with #CreativeLockdownProject. If you also tag #TypeTasting I’ll be sharing some of the results.


I’ve started a brand new series of talks on Zoom about the typography of everyday things called Unwrapped. One of the first talks will take a tour through a record collection; this is what inspired this week’s lockdown project. I’d love for you to join me, please book a ticket using the link below.

Unwrapped: Typographic jukebox & pop quiz
Come on a journey through the iconic typography found in a record collection. Discover how typography reflects pop culture and nostalgia. Experience how coming across a record from your teenage years can give you a Proustian memory-rush. You’re invited to send in your favourite album cover lettering in advance so that we can create a typographic playlist.

1-hour interactive talk + 15-minute pop quiz + Q&A (Zoom)

Thur 18th June, 7.30pm (London)  BOOK NOW

See you soon,



What Music am I?


We are surrounded by fonts in our everyday lives and we use them to navigate our environment, understanding instinctively that they communicate a great deal of the information before we’ve even read the words. We choose typefaces to express our personal style or to demonstrate our allegiance to a philosophy, music style or band.

Which type of music would you expect to hear when you play each of the records above?

Book a Type Tasting if you would like to find out more…

Virtual Type Safari: Record Shop
Take a virtual tour of the Type Tasting record collection and hear the stories behind the typography on the record sleeves.
(Studio based talk with slides)

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