What would that typeface taste like?

“The next typeface you use, what would it taste like?” was the question I posed at the end of the talk on Edible Typography at Eye Magazine’s Type Tuesday. Here are some of the suggestions…

Angela Lamb’s first typeface of the day was Lavanderia which she describes as “delicate – it tastes of spun sugar. sweet, but brittle”. Lavenderia is designed by James T. Edmondson and is based on lettering found on Laundromat windows of San Francisco’s Mission District.


Karina Monger and the Ferrier Pearce design team came up with the following list:

Museo: Bacon wheat crunchies

Arial Rounded: Spaghetti

WC Roughtrad: Flaky Pastry…


Univers: Mineral Water

Sabon: Crusty roll

Papyrus: Paper

Comic Sans: One person said Bubblegum the other said seafood

Perpetua: Red wine

Futura: Beef, different weights for different cuts, light would be carpaccio and black would be a thick cut steak

Bembo: Sauvignon

Gill Sans: After Eights

Avant Garde: Celery

Brush Script: Coconut

Copperplate: Semolina

Gotham: Bread and butter

me talking by JLW

Layout 1 (Page 18)

Sarah Hyndman was talking Edible Typography at Eye Magazine’s recent Type Tuesday at the St Bride Library.

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