Type Idol


Type Idol

Band logos or album covers become iconic and result in a herd of spin off merchandising. We scribbled the logos on our school books, have the poster on our walls, wear the t-shirt, get the tattoo. They become so familiar that they become idols in their own right and can be reduced down to a simple typographic element and still be recogniseable.

How many do you recognise?

Virtual Type Safari: Record Shop
Take a virtual tour of the Type Tasting record collection and hear the stories behind the typography on the record sleeves.
(Studio based talk with slides)

Learn Type History via Pop Culture
Journey through our understanding of type via popular culture: from 15th century monks to Punk and beyond.
(Talk + discussion)

Typographic Swearing ‘n’ Cussing
An irreverently social evening creating profanities out of hand drawn DIY type and lettering.
(Social + creative workshop)

Email to book a Type Tasting or arrange a call back.

Type Tasting article on type and record sleeves coming out in Artrocker Magazine 134 November issue.