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#LDF13 ‘Multicoloured’ by JMG Studio

multi1#LDF13 ‘Multicoloured’ by JMG Studio

“We had great fun! After much deliberation, we decided that with 13 characters in the word ‘Multicoloured’ and the fact there is 13 different colour tube lines covering the whole of London, it was to much of a good an opportunity to miss. We then overprinted each of the letters to make 12 extra colours to make it truly multicoloured.”

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#LDF13 ‘Retro’ by Kate Clift

retro_kate clift

#LDF13 ‘Retro’ by Kate Clift

Clift explains that the concept behind the word is as much about the process as the aesthetic. First she letterpress printed the word on an Adana 8×5 press using type made in the 1960s. This was scanned, enlarged and cut out to create a template. Clift then spray painted the fluorescent pink onto 1960s/80s inspired tie dye fabric.

Her piece is influenced by retro from different periods, from the timelessness of letterpress printing through to the more contemporary decades of the 1960s/80s.

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