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‘Welcoming’ by Luisa Sieiro


‘Welcoming’ by Luisa Sieiro

“I chose the word WELCOMING because when I came to London almost six years ago, I felt like this was my home. London opens its doors to all kind of people and cultures, and that is what makes it a great city.”

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‘Global’ by Madhu Amodia


‘Global’ by Madhu Amodia

Graphic designer Amodia who lives and works in Mumbai, India, explains that “London is the most diverse city in the world. There are approximately 250 languages spoken in London, and you can meet people of those many nationalities here. The British capital is a cultural pot potpourri, and hence the transaction of diverse currencies happen on a daily basis. The idea here depicts the currencies ( G: Georgian Lari, L: Libyan Dinar, O: Omani Rial, B: Brazilian Real, A: Argentine Peso and L: Lithuanian Lita ).”


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