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Book reviews and comments

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The Type Taster: How Fonts Influence You by Sarah Hyndman

“This is no boring instructional tome on the correct use of ligatures, rather it takes a look at the emotional lives of fonts, and examines how their distinct personalities create (often subconscious) emotional responses.” Grafik

“This alongside the typography bible (Robert Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style) should become a staple in everyones collection.” James (via Creative Review blog)

“Packs a lot of information without being pedantic” Suroor Alikhan

“I really enjoyed that and learned a lot” Vinita Nawathe, Public policy analyst.

“I never thought a book on Typography would make me laugh so much.” Caryl Jones, Communications consultant.

“Brilliant! Full of delights on each page. I love how you have engaged the reader throughout.” Nicole Phillips, Typograph.her

“The first thing we did–of course!–was to look at what each font said about us. They were pretty close. How did you do that?” Suroor Alikhan

“A great read, fun and informative!” Anja Wohlstrom, ICON Magazine

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