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The Type Taster: How Fonts Influence You by Sarah Hyndman

“This is no boring instructional tome on the correct use of ligatures, rather it takes a look at the emotional lives of fonts, and examines how their distinct personalities create (often subconscious) emotional responses.” Grafik

“This alongside the typography bible (Robert Bringhurst’s Elements of Typographic Style) should become a staple in everyones collection.” James (via Creative Review blog)

“Packs a lot of information without being pedantic” Suroor Alikhan

“I really enjoyed that and learned a lot” Vinita Nawathe, Public policy analyst.

“I never thought a book on Typography would make me laugh so much.” Caryl Jones, Communications consultant.

“Brilliant! Full of delights on each page. I love how you have engaged the reader throughout.” Nicole Phillips, Typograph.her

“The first thing we did–of course!–was to look at what each font said about us. They were pretty close. How did you do that?” Suroor Alikhan

“A great read, fun and informative!” Anja Wohlstrom, ICON Magazine

“I’m quite excited by the range of explorations of type demonstrated in this book. There’s absolutely no reason a book like this shouldn’t be enormously fun and creative. Type is used everywhere, but flourishes in its creative applications. I can see this book being an enormous seller for birthdays and Christmases with the graphically inclined.” NewVisionMedia (via Creative Review blog)

“This might be a book aimed at ‘type consumers’, who though through experience Sarah Hyndman can prove do have an interest in fonts, but do they actually buy books on typography? Isn’t that just us boring old designers and typographers?” Bob Love Type (via Creative Review blog)

“I enjoyed reading your book, which I pretty much gulped down in one sitting! Was particularly struck by the comment of the young girl who thought her family bought their car from Boots. Goes to show how powerfully branding and typography imprints on the mind!  (And what a responsibility we have as professionals).” Keith Tricker, type designer and creative director

“While The Type Taster draws on some serious research, however, it does so in a fun, informal way.” Rachael Steven, Creative Review

“Full-bodied and well-balanced. It is uncanny how often we come across exactly the right things at exactly the right time. For me, the type taster was definitely one of these fortuitous, uncanny moments. A chance – almost passed-over – tweet, late one evening piqued my interest enough to want to investigate further. After a good few minutes’ deliberation over the cover choice – Gills Sans? Didot? Gill Sans. Definitely Gill. – I placed my order for the Didot edition. Although not specifically aimed at designers, it has definitely helped me reconnect with what fires me. Sarah’s knowledge and perspective on the things we designers often think we know about already, is both refreshing and enlightening. This book helps you to stop and re-evaluate. It is well-researched, well-delivered and very approachable. I have always had an interest in the relationship between psychology and typography on a cognitive and an emotional level. For me, the type taster has helped rekindle this passion at a very apposite moment. Since reading this book I have found myself re-energised, newly excited about possibilities and with a strong desire to read more in this direction. Thanks Sarah.” Keith Williams,

“The book has inspired me and confirmed my choice to start a Graphic Design pathway” Marion Bisserier, foundation student

“This book is great! It’s an easy read which will go down a treat with designers and enthusiasts” Geraldine Marshall, Type Talk coordinator & member of the typographic hub, BCU.

“The book arrived today morning (18). I opened the package and immediately felt the smell of ink and paper, brand new. Page 143, and yes, I am a traditionalist who likes to think as being modern and swearing is my secret guilty pleasure :) The eye contact with the book was enjoyable. I will start reading, discover and learn (hopefully). Then I will give you news of my reading.” Carlos Manso

“Worth the small sum for a quality purchase. Informative and well designed (3D glasses too!)” Paolo Feroleto

“A fun/inventive/engaging exploration of fonts in our daily lives” Clare A Conway

“This playful book addresses the everyday type consumer, aiming to take the discussion beyond the immediate audience of graphic designers and type specialists. Chapters ask conversation-starting questions such as ‘Typefaces, they don’t really matter?’, ‘Functional vs evocative’ and ‘Type is a time machine’.” Eye Magazine

“Absolutely brilliant. So many great ideas in there.” @ADelicious1

“Sarah’s approach has encouraged a very democratic, fun new way of looking at type“ Emily Gosling, It’s Nice That

“I love the 3d interpretations of various type. Great idea!” Amy Kilner Design

“I had to ditch the glasses as my eyes blurred for a few minutes after so I kept having to pause my reading…plus they kept falling off my face and the book is quite stiff so I found it difficult to stay on page. I will try it again some time as I can appreciate the huge amount of work gone in and what it is trying to do.” Lisa (via Creative Review blog)

“[…] each copy comes with a pair of red and blue font goggles […]”
Oh FFS, I’m out! Bob Love Type (via Creative Review blog)

“The book is also written in this Type Tasting style–friendly and informal, with easily relatable references. But it’s not all play. The book makes a persuasive case for changing the way we think and talk about type, turning it into a more inclusive subject that allows non-experts the confidence to express opinions.” Emma Tucker, AIGA

“This is a fun romp through the world of typography—its evolution and application in today’s visual world that will make you think and make you laugh. This hugely enjoyable book is engaging, insightful and entertaining. Highly recommended.” Caryl Jones, Communications consultant.

“You have really opened my eyes to such a brilliant subject. It’s already making me view design work from such a different view point and I have now become excited by the possibilities typefaces present while experimenting with them.” Design student Jessica Dutton

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The Type Taster is no longer available. It is now published as Why Fonts Matter by Penguin/Random House in the UK and Gingko Press in the US.