A comparison of signage

bauhaus insp austin delhi london Brisbane

Here are a selection of the research images for the Type Tasting workshop at SXSW. Above: geometric signs from Austin (USA), Delhi (India), London (UK), Brisbane (Australila). Below: Victorian style signs from Rome (Italy), Bangkok (Thailand), San Francisco (USA), Geneva (Switzerland).

victorian rome bangkok san fran geneova

art deco ny london melbourne la

Above: Art Deco signs from New York (USA), London (UK), Melbourne (Australia), LA (USA). Below: Berlin (Germany), Las Vegas (USA), Brisbane (Australia), Moscow (Russia).

medieval berlin vegas brisbane moscowgeometric chicago sydney ny chicago

Above: Geometric signs from Chicago (USA), Sydney (Australia), New York (USA), Chicago (USA).

A comparison of signage from around the world, for SXSW Type Tasting is exploring he type and letters we see around us in the form of the signs and wayfinding we use to navigate our lives.

Type Tasting Global Lettering Workshop
When: 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Who: Sarah Hyndman
Where: AT&T Conference Center Classroom #103
Why: This should be a fun, experiential workshop that will allow you to get your hands dirty with typography. Use templates, customize letters and learn about emerging trends in typography.

If you have any research suggestions, or would just like to hear about my adventures while I’m in Austin, I’ll be tweeting typography from @TypeTasting and everything else as @SarahHyndman

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