London = ‘25 Hr City’ built by Edward Hill

25HCITY final
25HCITY 1b 25HCITY 10b 25HCITY 6a

London = ‘25 Hr City’ built by Edward Hill

Process: Brainstorming / Exploration / Destruction / Preparation / Outlining / Heart / Crane / Building / Expanding / Pausing / River & Trees / Lettuce and Watercress / Conclusion

holding 24hrcity LDF workshop 036

Hill adds that “the music I listened during the ideation process was the following mix: click here
and the music I then listened to for the main ‘making’ process was the following album: click here

25HCITY 1a 25HCITY 4 25HCITY 10a 25HCITY 325HCITY 12a 25HCITY 11b

‘25 Hr City’ was built by Edward Hill at Type Tasting with the London Design Festival 2013 at the V&A.

Display: 14 – 19 September 2013
Drop in workshops: 10am – 5pm, 14 & 15 September 2013
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

ldf at v&a  v&a