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‘Advertised’ by Samantha Chow

Type_advertised_samanth crop Process_02

‘Advertised’ by Samantha Chow
“Arts, commerce, education, entertainment, media, and tourism for London—the capital city of England—are ‘tagged’ along the River Thames in the map, effectively ‘advertising’ London to the world.”

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‘Entwining’ by Barbara Gardner

Entwining Barbara Gardner

‘Entwining’ by Barbara Gardner

“When I visited London in March this year I looked around and saw the young doing what we all did back then.”


“… standing kissing each other, arms wrapped around each other, weaving in and out avoiding oncoming people on the busy London streets. Everyone was connected via their phones but independently surviving like ivy up a wall. Then I wondered how one could express this simply through materials to be used … I saw a ball of string on the sideboard. I have a small press and I had such fun and made such a mess in my kitchen.”

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