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Happy Birthday Apple Mac

picture-10  ap1

Three years ago I created this poster for a live printing event at Pick Me Up, my tribute to the Apple Mac which has been the backdrop to my career and my life. This is a combination of blog posts from the time documenting the development of the design and screen printing process.

Process & Effect series: It’s the training, the practice, your tenacity and vision… that give you the skills you need to succeed. And to do it with flair.

As a graphic designer Apple products have not only played both an important part throughout my career, they’ve also been woven into my everyday life. The products have empowered me to learn, hone, perfect my skills and to share what I do with others. We’re all very aware of recent innovations which have shaped the way we receive information and communicate. But Apple had vision from the outset, from the pre-launch ad for the first Macintosh which was directed by Ridley Scott, through giving us the mouse and realistic desktop, access to fonts, and now the iPad that has lit a fuse that will change our future.

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‘Abstract’ by Anthony Peters

Abstract AP 300 sq

‘Abstract’ by Anthony Peters

“London to me is abstract. The ghosts of speeding cars, glass and steel towers alongside 500 year old epic stonework. Abstract shapes viewed from a late night bus, blue skies carved up by the harsh right angles of tower blocks.”


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