Pop-Up Preparation: A Type Tasting Event Teaser

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Hello it’s Natalie again, with my final blog post before the London Design Festival Pop-up event! We’re very busy in the studio today, putting together the final touches ready for everyone to come along and have a play with type tomorrow. If you’d like to know why those final touches include 1,800 chunks of chocolate, then carry on reading!


Today I spent two hours cutting 30 bars of chocolate into 1,800 pieces. Well, roughly that many, I did have an accident where a few pieces ended up on the floor, and another where quite a few ended up in my mouth, but it’s not far off. During this time, not only did I get two sore thumbs, but I also got time to consider the intriguing concept of multi-sensory type that we’ll be exploring over the weekend.

As a design student who is specifically interested in typography, it has been so exciting to see a new way of looking at typography that I’ve never seen before. Tomorrow I’ll be hosting one of these sensory games ‘Sniff This’ (which is just as interesting and alarming as it sounds) and I’m really eager to experience the results first hand for myself. If you’d like to come along and sniff typefaces, or eat some of the chocolate I intensely laboured over in the name of typography, then come along this weekend! Make sure you get here early though, once the it’s gone, I won’t be spending another two hours preparing more! At least I hope not anyway.

Pop-up Type Tasting,
Saturday September 19th 1-4pm
Sunday September 20th 1-4pm
Art Studio, Learning Centre, Level 3
Victoria and Albert Museum
Cromwell Road,
London SW7 2RL

Find out more about the live Type Tasting event at the V&A for the London Design Festival.

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Not in London? You can take part in a selection of the experiments remotely via the Virtual Type Tasting access panel.