Behind the scenes of TEDxBedford

TEDx001 TEDx008
I am privileged to be a speaker at TEDxBedford on Saturday 15th November. The films of the talks will be available in a month, meanwhile here’s a glimpse of my experience from behind the scenes.

TEDx003 TEDx010

I get up at 6am to get a bus and train to Bedford to arrive in time for the speaker briefing at 10am, I’m on at 4.50 so it’s a day of staying calm and remembering what I’m going to say later… It’s such an inspirational day, amazing speakers, unexpected themes coming through and I’m looking forward to watching and sharing all the films when they go live.

TEDx009 TEDx007
I wait on stage for my slides to be sorted out before I can start, Gaynor catches this photo of me doing a silly dance prompted by Eddie the compere. Dancing and laughing with the audience takes the edge of my nerves perfectly. And here I am, speaking on the red TEDx carpet about how fonts influence us.

I talk about the results of some of my recent experiments and the research being done in Oxford.

TEDx005 TEDx006
And I end with a story told in 15 fonts with me as the narrator, this is so much fun to deliver.

Wow what an absolutely incredible day, thank you to Kayte and Stephen for inviting me to be a part of it. I didn’t need my ‘cheat’ bracelet: a typographic overview of my talk in case I forgot what I was saying at any point.

Thank you to everybody who’s tweeted photos, I hope you don’t mind that I’ve used your photos here @gringreen, @gaynormaher and @TEDxBedford.

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