Fonts: A love story. A talk about typography by Sarah Hyndman.


Type Tasting founder Sarah Hyndman explains why she thinks fonts and typefaces matter, how they add richness to our lives but can also be used to influence us. She does this by telling stories of her experiences from being a child to growing up and becoming a ‘typography professional’ in this entertaining 10 minute talk.

“…as a bit of a type geek myself, your take on the topic is pitch perfect and inspirational” Daphne D

Sarah explains that “I first fell in love with type in the 1970s, an era I remember as being in faded Polaroid colours and always hot like that summer of ’76”. She describes how, as a child, she was transfixed in a sweet shop looking at the words popping and fizzing with excitement on the sweet wrappers. How she later went on to become a ‘typography professional’ or a graphic designer, which is where she learned how type evokes emotions and that these can transform the meaning of a word. Also that type can enchant, inspire wonder…and coerce.

Sarah talks about the power of type and how it can be used to influence us both for good and for bad, but that at the end of the day it’s not the type that manipulates it’s how it’s used “fonts don’t deceive people, people do”. She calls for everybody to feel empowered to talk about fonts and to celebrate the richness they add to our lives.

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“Who’d thunk typography was so interesting!” Paul H

“…really demonstrates the power of storytelling – just imagine how dull this could have been told by someone without such an obvious passion for their subject” Sarah P

“Brilliant and inspirational” Jacqui R

What a fascinating talk. I was absolutely riveted…everyone should watch it and think about how we’re so strongly influenced by type” Lisa T-D

“I have honestly never thought about fonts before” Scott G

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Sarah Hyndman is the founder of Type Tasting which she launched on Valentine’s Day 2013 with an evening of typographic swearing ‘n’ cussing. She has worked in the design industry for nearly 20 years and set up design company With Relish in 2003. Sarah studied an MA in Typo/Graphics at the London College of Communication and was subsequently invited back as a guest tutor to set up and run the year long Experimental Typography evening course, which she did for six years alongside her commercial practice.

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This talk was filmed at the Filmed at the Ginger Inspiring Speakers Programme Gala Finale
Video Produced by Niki Incze
Photos of Sarah by Rita Abreu