Type Tasting at SXSW in pictures

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Huge thank you to everybody who came along to take part in the workshop, all the amazing people I met in Austin and to Nanci Lancaster for encouraging me to come over.

“Great workshop, you are a wealth of typography knowledge” Tara Larivee
“Very in depth talk and critique of business cards here at the AT&T near UofT” Morriston
“A great time with @typetasting at #sxsw!” ‏@hi_im_monkey

Workshop work shown by: Jeremy Katz, David Avalon, Chung Kang, Sonia Kose, Marcel White, Alexander Braden, Breyna Fries, Balatumde Joseph, Ogummuj, Alyrmy Zagel, Nicole Goad, Sydney, Jessi Enguerra, Tara Larivee, Ken Tumin, Deanna Templeten, Kirk Morriston, Selina Zhang, Tao Xu, Patrick Loonstra, Monkey.

Thank you Kristy and the Fray gang for making me so welcome: Kristy Duncan, Kevin Smokler, Ewan Spence, David Dylan Thomas (sorry we didn’t get to finish our conversation), Jennifer Putnam, Steph Opitz, Christine Tremoulet. I’ll be back with a story to tell next year!

And the big inspirers: John Maeda, Austin Kleon, Tim Ferris, Chase Jarvis, Adam Savage, Ralph Steadman, Charlie Paul, Matt & Dave (90 Days of Making), Amy Cuddy, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Enthusiastic people I met (in the random order their business cards are in): Zoë Bryant, Jessica Knox, Ryan Hayes, Marti Funk, Jason Sigmon, Selina Zhang, Breyna Fries, Marzi Pecen, Mariano Suarez Battan, Chris Davis, Melissa Tinitigan.

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