Eye: Type on the tongue

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Eye: Type on the tongue

Eye’s panel checks out the taste of Helvetica, Impact and Comic Sans (as cooked up by Sarah Hyndman)

Designer Sarah Hyndman is known for her Type Tasting workshops – popular events at Pick Me Up and London Design Festival this year. For Hyndman’s latest project, A Taste of Type, she has reversed the approach by asking, ‘what does type taste like?’

The resulting edible letters, still in the prototype phase, boxed and mailed to a few associates, have been taste-tested and reviewed by Eye staff in our Shoreditch office: Jay Prynne (art editor), Janet South (editorial administrator), Simon Esterson (art director), John L. Walters (editor) and Sarah Snaith (editorial assistant). You can read about Hyndman’s intentions and recipes in her article ‘What does typography taste like?’

Type Tasting (Helvetica) crop

Helvetica: savoury biscuit
JP: Lovely. Would have been nice with cheese.
JS: Traditional, a bit ‘lardy’ and underseasoned.
SE: Sharp, like the font.
JLW: Delicious, savoury biscuit, not bland.
SS: Bland and unobtrusive.

JP: Good.
JS: Short.
SE: Granular.
JLW: Good texture for dips or with cheese.
SS: Crumbly, a bit like a plain version of a cheese straw.

JP: Only one letter survived unbroken so hard to tell. Letterforms good though. Slightly ‘puffed up’, making Helvetica seem more friendly.
SE: Tight.
JLW: A bit ‘decon’ after a journey by mail.

JP: Perfect. Helvetica is too serious to be sweet.
JS: Practical and safe with no surprises.
SE: Savoury and minimal.
JLW: Tastes more like Akzidenz Grotesk.
SS: Very suitable but not so enjoyable.

Also reviewed:

Type Tasting Comic Sans st2_square Impact st3_square

Comic Sans: Candy Melts and Fizz Wiz popping candy
Impact: dark chocolate with chilli

Read the full article here

Ferrier Pearce Creative Group’s design team

Prompted by the conversation on Twitter Karina Monger from Ferrier Pearce Creative Group asked the design team what their favourite typefaces would taste like and these were their creative answers:


Karina suggests Bodoni tastes like Panettoné
@Jon_FPtweets says Gill Sans tastes like After Eight Mints
The team suggests Comic Sans tastes like cheese
Artworker Matt reckons Cooper Black would taste of liquorice
And studio manager Natasha reckons Avenir tastes like Haribo

Over to you—what’s your favourite typeface and what do you think it would taste like?

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