Creative Lockdown Project: Letter hunt

Creative Lockdown Project

Creative Lockdown Project: Letter hunt

We’re all starting to look forward again as we plan our way in a very changed world. At first, I really missed seeing everybody but I’m constantly amazed by how adaptable humans are as we find new ways to interact online.

This week’s challenge comes from Heidi Robinson of TGSA Creative Arts & Design technology, who also took all the photos.

These challenges are designed to be a bit of fun and to document our time collectively spent in lockdown. Please share it with friends and post your final results on social media with #CreativeLockdownProject. If you also tag #TypeTasting I’ll be sharing some of the results.

To find an alphabet in your home that’s made out of photos of familiar objects. Zoom right in and crop your photos so that they look like letters. These can be fairly abstract because they’ll be recognisable as an alphabet once you put them together. Combine the letters to make the whole alphabet and why not challenge your friends to do the same so that you can all compare?

For some more inspiration check out Julius Raymund Advincula’s “provocative” typeface made from cleverly positioned body parts.

Share your finished project on social media with #CreativeLockdownProject. Tag #TypeTasting as I’ll be sharing some of the results.

(Main photos: C from an antique candle holder, D is the handle of a glass jug, J is the trunk of an ornamental elephant, O is a wine rack, T is a Mandalorian helmet, X is the lattice on a window. All letters by Heidi Robinson)

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