Creative Lockdown Project: You & me colouring together

Creative Lockdown Project: You & me colouring together

This week I’ve really missed being able to hug my family and friends. While it might not be the same as a hug, I’ve found that spending time doing something together creatively over Zoom or Facetime has really helped me to feel less separated from them. This is the inspiration for lockdown challenge number seven.

These challenges are designed to be a bit of fun and to document our time collectively spent in lockdown. Please share it with friends and post your final results on social media with #CreativeLockdownProject. If you also tag #TypeTasting I’ll be sharing some of the results.

To spend time with a friend or a family member colouring in an ampersand to say “you and me together”. You can do this over Zoom, Facebook or the platform of your choice. When you’ve finished colouring in your ampersand you can hold it up and show it to each other. Then please share it on social media and invite somebody else to join you for a colouring session.

Download the ampersand templates and either print them out or copy them onto a piece of paper. Find your favourite colourful pens, or you could collage, paint or cover your ampersand in glitter—use whatever you have at home.

Ampersand templates to download and print out

Share your finished project on social media with #CreativeLockdownProject. Tag #TypeTasting as I’ll be sharing some of the results.

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