It’s Nice That Review of the Year

It's Nice That Review of the Year

Goodbye 2016, hello 2017

It’s been quite a year. Thank you to all of you who have been a part of Type Tasting and joined in so enthusiastically. I’ve enjoyed meeting you, and I’m looking forward to the new events planned for next year. Instead of writing a summary of the year I would like to share the interview I recently gave It’s Nice That for their Review of the Year, because the great questions they ask frame the summary perfectly. Below are extracts or you can read the full interview here.

It’s Nice That Review of the Year 2016 
Graphic designer Sarah Hyndman. 

Words by Rebecca Fulleylove.

Our tenth interview for Review of the Year sees us chat to designer Sarah Hyndman about the incredible experiences she’s had this year and the work she continues to do with Type Tasting.

Designer and type champion Sarah Hyndman is on a mission to “prove that typography is fun and engaging for everyone”, and 2016 has seen her take major steps in making that idea a reality. Her work, which takes the form of books, workshops, talks and events, aims to “dispel the myth that type is a dusty subject for academics and experts” and “demonstrate the power of typography”.

What was your creative highlight of 2016?
“Going to Mumbai, India to teach 60 design students… At the end I could see first-hand how my unconventional approach to teaching typography really works.

What was your lowlight of 2016?
“My own experiments and ideas don’t always go to plan, but I never write these off as failures as there is always something to learn. However, this year there have been seismic political events that have resulted in collective fear for the future, a rise in intolerance, and the devaluing of things we consider important such as creativity in schools. It’s too easy to get stuck reposting/retweeting within our social media bubbles, but we are realising that this is an ineffectual distraction. It’s vital to get out and do something beyond the bubble with the aim of making a positive change, no matter how seemingly small our actions.

What do you think are the markers of a good year creatively?
“Where expectations are exceeded and we end it looking forward to the next one with anticipation and excitement.”

What’s been the most important thing you’ve learnt in the last year?
“I’ve learnt that collaborating with experts in other fields leads to extraordinary ideas that you could never have conceived of yourself.”

What are your hopes for 2017?
“I would like 2017 to be a year of true creative thinking as we each find our own way to do something to change the dangerous and intolerant direction that society seems to be going in.”

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It's Nice That Review of the Year  It's Nice That Review of the Year  It's Nice That Review of the Year

Excitingly the article about Why Fonts Matter, and how they impact your mood appears at the top of the Graphic Design review and at number nine in the top 100. It’s Nice that describes the top 100 as “a round up of the best and most popular content we have published this year. From one to 100, it’s a rich mix of entertaining, inspiring and downright bonkers projects that champion creativity.”