D&AD New Blood Awards

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Yesterday was a thought provoking and inspiring day judging the Monotype brief for the D&AD New Blood Awards. The brief was to take a cause they believed in and to use the power of type to make a difference. The winning entries were pulled apart by seven of us to reveal surprising layers of creativity, they changed the way we thought about something, and they made us care about the cause. Some causes were big and powerful ones, others were gentle and quiet, articulated in an incredible array of different voices.


Does it have a creative idea? Is it well executed? Is it on brief? The winning entries have been announced here, the top pencils will be awarded at the awards ceremony on July 7th, it’s a secret until then.

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Fellow judges—it was a pleasure to spend the day with you: Nadine Chahine, Lizzy Fisher, Heidi Lightfoot, me (Sarah Hyndman), Craig Oldham, Jamie Neely and Angus Hyland (not in the photo).