Delhi Type Safari

Type Safari-Kawal Oberoi

Kawal Oberoi takes us on a Type Safari in Delhi
“The Quote I chose for Type Safari is “Dil Walon Ki Delhi” (English Translation—City Of People with big hearts—Delhi) which is a expression used for magnanimous spirit of Delhites. To letter this quote in Delhi’s Typographic DNA, I wanted to capture alphabets from signage of local restaurants, cinemas, old shops and public centres that are doing well despite globalisation. A weekend trip around the city got me lettering gems like the logo of Paras Cinema, which exists despite Multiplex cinemas attracting most of the audience. The flavours of Old Delhi—Karims, Pind Baluchi, Dhabas, the firework shops of Old Delhi, the tailor shops that exist from colonial times, the truck stands, the hand lettered exteriors of Herbal Medicine Tents and much more.” Kawal Oberoi 

Take up the Type Safari challenge
The combinations of type found on signage reveal a great deal about a city, town or specific area. They reflect the social, economic and historical development of the area and create their own, unique typographic DNA. Take up the challenge yourself and create a composition that reflects the area you live in.

1) Think of a phrase, quote, memory or lyric that you associate with the area, ideally between 10-25 characters long (including spaces).
2) Write this down on a piece of paper. Take a pen or pencil with you so you can cross out the letters as you find them.
3) Find the individual letters on the signs that make up your phrase, ideally using a camera with a zoom lens so you can isolate each letter.
4) Have fun and get creative; try daytime and night-time versions for comparison.
5) Combine your photos to spell out your phrase.
6) Share it with Type Tasting via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook @TypeTasting or /TypeTasting.

The Type Safari challenge is featured in Why Fonts Matter by Sarah Hyndman.

Ilfracombe by Karina Monger

TypeSafari_Islington_Gabriella  Allyssa Syme2
Islington, London by Gabriella Kovacs, Allyssa Syme

London Type Safari by Pia Hansen  Different letters found in Dalston assembled to make the phrase 'Club Labrynth'
Dalstson, London by Pia Hansen, Sam Roberts

Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10)  Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10)    

Why Fonts Matter* by Sarah Hyndman. Published by Virgin Books (Penguin/Random House) 

“Fun” “Brilliant” “Inspiring” “Eye-candy” “Enlightening” Amazon reviews

“A fascinating insight into how type can influence our feelings, our senses, and even our taste” Professor Charles Spence, University of Oxford

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