Painting Signs with Mike Meyer & The Brilliant Sign Co

sign1 sign2 We’re preparing for a weekend of painting signs in the Type Tasting studio, organised by Sam from Ghostsigns.

“If you have the ‘FIRE IN THE BELLY’ and really have a passion for lettering… this is a workshop for you!” Mike Meyer, Sign Painter

To coincide with the London screenings of Sign Painters, Mike Meyer, one of the film’s stars, is coming to town to deliver an intensive two-day sign painting workshop. Pairing up with the UK’s very own Brilliant Sign Co. it promises to be a hard working weekend full of laughs and letters.

The workshop is an opportunity to pick up a brush and practice some of the basic strokes before sketching and painting your first letters. Throughout the weekend you’ll also be developing your critical reflection skills so that you can continue your progress after the workshop ends. You probably won’t be quite ready to start a commercial sign painting business on Sunday evening but you will have realised that you can paint letters and the joy that this brings.

“Just being there made me feel very alive!” Judith Albers, Workshop Participant, Berlin


More photos to come over the weekend, follow tweets from @TypeTasting, @Ghostsigns and #IOAFS