Typographic road trip sketches

Lark Cinema Larkspur California Billabong Roadhouse WA AustraliaBarbys Coffee shop three rivers California Edgewater Inn Pismo California

On the road: The Art Deco Lark Cinema, Larkspur, California USA / Big Display Sans Serifs visible from a distance at the Billabong Roadhouse, Western Australia / Eurostyle & a Condensed Sans Serif on the 1950s style Antiques sign at Barbie’s Coffee Shop, Three Rivers, California USA / Casual Script and Slab Serifs at the Edgewater Inn, Pismo Beach, California USA…

 hotel paris mexico Luna Park Melbourne Australia

Art Deco at the Hotel Paris, Mexico / Casual Script at Luna Park, Melbourne, Australia / Fat Face Modern at the Pismo Beach Hotel, California USA / Condensed Sans Serif Display type at the Gas Station on Route 1, California USA / Geometric Sans Serifs at the Silver Peso dive bar, Larkspur, California USA.

Pismo Beach Hotel California Route 1 California silver peso Larkspur California

Sketches by Sarah Hyndman

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