Creative Lockdown Project: Everyday display letter

Creative Lockdown Project: Everyday display letter

In the 1820s Louis John Pouchée created decoratively extravagant letters which were based on a fat-face style typeface. The letters featured imagery of things that were popular at the time like flowers, farmyard scenes, musical instruments and Masonic symbols.

To create your own modern-day version of an ornamented letter that illustrates your everyday life while we’re in lockdown. Please share this project with your family and friends so you can all compare your letters.

1) Either print out one of the letters from the letter template pdf (click here to download it). Or make your own letter outline.

2) Fill the letter with objects that represent your everyday life in lockdown. This is a challenging time that is making us look at familiar objects and places in a new way as old habits are replaced by new rituals. This could be an appreciation of the flowers in a garden, the technology that now connects us to those we love, cooking utensils or improvised exercise-from-home gym equipment.

3) You can collect objects to make a real-life collage that you photograph. You could paint or draw your scene, or cut out and stick labels from packaging and photos onto your letter outline.

Download the letter template pdf here.

Share your finished project on social media with #CreativeLockdownProject. Use the tag to see what everybody else has created and please tag #TypeTasting as I’ll be sharing some of the results.


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