What do you call a collection of ampersands?

What’s the collective noun for ampersands?

I think that an ampersand is an invitation to imagine what will come next. It’s a continuation of an idea, a conversation or a story. The ampersand is sometimes considered to be the 27th letter of the Latin alphabet, originating from the letters ‘et’, Latin for ‘and’, which have been combined to create a single glyph. It’s a character that there is wide affection for and it gives a glimpse of the personality of a typeface without the commitment of being a particular letter.

I asked you what the collective noun might be to describe them, here are some of your inventive suggestions…

“An olding of ands…” Vinita Nawathe

“Admittedly, not a noun but an attribute: ampersandy” Bruno Maag @bruno_maag

“A ligature” Stuart Bannerman @stuartromsey

“A collaboration of ampersands” Julia Woollams @juliaw79

“A Flourish” Caroline Roberts @Copyright_RGD

“A combination” Helen Disney

“An aggregation” Rosie Baird @theskrifer

“An Alice Band of Ampersands” Tom Morley

“A flourish” lineandlanguage

“An accumulation” tartanlight

“A *conjunction* of ampersands?” shireen_dew

“An addition of…” Jan Lewis @janlewiscreativ

“An adjunction” stephen.judge.esq

“A plural” rosalind_freeborn

“An adjoinment” rogersutcliffe

“A squiggle!” Julia Earthrowl

If there are six, its a viand tuchaudhuri @ituchaudhuri

“An affluence of” ribag1

“A set of ets” Gerard Slevin @gerslevin

“Amperii” ImageSmythe @imagesmythe

“Amperdesert” Anna Magnussen @AnnaMagnussen

“An agus (gaelic option)” Stuart Bannerman @stuartromsey

“I think I’ll trademark Ampersundry” Joshua Farmer @jfjudah

“A company” Laurence Penney @Lorp

What do you think?