Creative Lockdown Project: Object alphabet

Creative Lockdown alphabet ideas

Creative Lockdown Project: Object alphabet


Look around your home and find an object that you would like to turn into an alphabet. It’s fun if this is clearly a household object so that it represents your time spent in lockdown. For example you could use your glasses, a pair of scissors, a coathanger, kitchen utensils or a child’s toy.


1. Think about how you can reproduce its shape. You could photograph it, trace around it, print with it, put paper over it and take rubbings, draw or paint it.

2. Create each letter of the alphabet. You can rotate, dissect and repeat its shape to make the letters. For an extra challenge add in glyphs like &, !, ?, @ and numbers.


Share your finished project on social media with #CreativeLockdownProject. If you also tag #TypeTasting I’ll be sharing some of the results.


Elastic band alphabet by Catherine Nippe

Bottle opener alphabet by Hannah Clark

Leggo alphabet by Marcos Arruda