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It’s time for a type revolution. It’s time to change the way we think and talk about type: to empower non-experts to feel confident (and excited) about typography. This type revolution needs you.

We use language that describes your experience of fonts/typefaces—how they affect you as a type consumer—in place of the academic terminology of design experts. How do different typefaces make you feel, what personalities do they have, what mood do they convey, what would they taste or smell like, how do they ultimately influence your experiences?

This new way of describing type/fonts can’t come from the experts, it has to come from YOU the type consumers (especially you non-designers).

The Type Tasting Lab contains a series of surveys that are updated regularly. They are designed to be be fun and thought provoking to take part in, they’ve been designed to get you thinking differently about typefaces while you do them. Please do as many as you wish, most should take between 2 and 5 minutes to do. The Font Census goes into more depth as it’s an important part of the research.

The ultimate aim is to find a new way to describe fonts according to how you respond to them, not according to their history or traditional terminology. As these descriptions become defined they will be posted on the Type Tasting website, shared in the talks I give, and published in magazines and blogs. More detailed versions will be collated and published in the future. Sign up to the Type Tasting mailing list for updates.

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Please note, surveys in the Type Tasting Lab are not commissioned by commercial organisations. They are initiated by Type Tasting to entertain, provoke thought, and gather information to be shared in the public domain via talks, articles, books and on this blog. You will not be asked to take part in any research commissioned by a commercial organisation without your prior permission.

Find out more about Type Tasting research.

Thank you for taking part,
Sarah Hyndman (sarah@typetasting.com)

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