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It is Open Studios Weekend at The Chocolate Factory N16 and you are invited to join us in the Type Tasting studio.
You will find a treasure trove of typography including ephemera and prints (we’re having a clearance sale). Enter the Type Tasting Lab where you can don a lab coat and font goggles to take part in games and experiments.

“Brilliantly bizarre, seems like it could be plucked straight from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.” Rockett St George.

Open Studios Weekend
Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June
From 11am–6pm, free, no booking needed.

Chocolate Factory N16
Farleigh Place (off Farleigh Road)
London N16 7SX

join the experiments
Not in London? You can take part virtually, this is a selection of games/experiments chosen to complement the event. Click on an image to take part, and you will need a pair of matching jelly beans at the ready for the Global Jelly Bean Experiment.

Font selfies what's your type?  scent button   global jellybean  Type Lab Independence Button


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