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What typography trends are forecast for 2018 and how can you use them?
Trend 4. The return of flares & serifs
By Sarah Hyndman

Part 4 in a series of posts looking at typography trends that we predict will influence graphic design in 2018, and explaining how you can incorporate each trend into your work.

1. Vernacular2. Neutral & universal3. Personality4. The return of flares & serifs5. Colour fonts6. Variable fonts7. Fashion / 8. Trend forecasters


4. Serifs

HOW TO USE THIS TREND: Add a flared or a serif typeface to create warmth and convey depth of knowledge.

Flared letterforms and serifs are making a reappearance on the main typographic stage and this is a trend set to continue as the serifs get more pronounced. These have warmth and personality, “I think this is a reaction against the cold, sterile neo-grotesques like Helvetica that seem to be dominating the design landscape.” says Typewolf’s Jeremiah Shoaf. In addition, traditional sign writing has had a resurgence in recent years. As a result the flared styles often created when using a paint brush are increasingly reappearing on the high-street and also being taught to graphic designers in sign writing workshops. Below is the work of London’s Pete Hardwicke featured in Spitalfields Life. Throughout history styles from different mediums have influenced each other, as is also happening with chromatic type (to be featured in trend 6).

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