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What typography trends are forecast for 2018 and how can you use them?
Trend 3. Personality
By Sarah Hyndman

Part 3 in a series of posts looking at typography trends that we predict will influence graphic design in 2018, and explaining how you can incorporate each trend into your work.

1. Vernacular2. Neutral & universal3. Personality4. The return of flares & serifs5. Colour fonts6. Variable fonts7. Fashion / 8. Trend forecasters


3. Personality

HOW TO USE THIS TREND: Choose a sans serif typeface with rhythm and contrast to create tone of voice and personality.

Despite the continuing reign of the neutral sans serifs, change is in the air. The perfect geometric shapes are giving way to styles with contrast between the thick and thin strokes, personality and individuality, and sometimes a hint of history. Type Tasting research shows that letterforms with contrast are associated with content being more interesting or better informed.

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