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What typography trends are forecast for 2018 and how can you use them?
2. Neutral & universal

By Sarah Hyndman

Part 2 in a series of posts looking at typography trends that we predict will influence graphic design in 2018, and explaining how you can incorporate each trend into your work.

1. Vernacular2. Neutral & universal3. Personality4. The return of flares & serifs5. Colour fonts6. Variable fonts7. Fashion / 8. Trend forecasters


2. Neutral & universal

HOW TO USE THIS TREND: select a neutral and easy-to-read typeface family when you wish to be clear, accessible and for type to function like an invisible carrier of words. You may wish to combine this with a more decorative typeface for titles or headings, or to add a complimentary serif typeface to vary the tone of voice.

Geometric and neutral sans serif type styles continue to be ubiquitous, both as existing styles licensed from type libraries and for bespoke typefaces commissioned by companies. The current top three most popular typeface in the Typekit library are geometric sans serifs (Proxima Nova, Futura and Museo Sans). At number one is Proxima Nova Designed by Mark Simonson, which is a huge family of 48 sans serif fonts that gives a great deal of flexibility for designers to use across all touchpoints. Some font superfamilies also have serif fonts paired with the sans serifs, giving you the option to mix and match type styles harmoniously.

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