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Would you like your work featured?

Would you like to have your work featured in the new Scary letters & frightening fonts online sessions?

I’ll be showing examples of scary letters, frightening fonts and horrifying characters and you have the chance to have yours included. Download the letter templates below, or create your own letters, and do something to them that looks truly terrifying.

You might want to cover them in dripping red ink, slash them out of the paper background, cut them out and put them against a light so that they cast huge, creepy shadows. Think about things you can do to letters to create a chill down the spine.

Email your scary letter submissions to sarah@typetasting.com, along with the credit you’d like included with your work if your letters are chosen to be featured.

Click here to download the outlined letters as a pdf or click on the letter sheets below for a large version you can download and trace over.

Main image by Sarah Hyndman featuring the font Totally Gothic by Zuzanna Licko.

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