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‘Sexy’ by Mind Design


‘Sexy’ by Mind Design

Holger Jacobs runs Mind Design with Stewart Walker. Jacobs explains that “We Londoners are usually considered a bit stiff and there is a famous saying: ‘No sex please – we are British’.

“However, we were interested in the swinging 60s when London became sexy. Our typographic treatment of the word is inspired by the soft, psychedelic, lava lamp-like lettering seen during the hippie era. Like a big hugging blow up cushion.”


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#LDF13 ‘Expressive’ by Ruth Rowland


#LDF13 ‘Expressive’ by Ruth Rowland

Ruth Rowland is a lettering artist who specialises in calligraphy, expressive typography and hand drawn ink on paper. We are delighted that she’ll be joining us for the drop in workshops at the V&A. Rowland explains her approach to her word ‘Expressive’…

Expressive Ruth Rowland

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#LDF13 ‘Multitudinal’ by Hedy Parry-Davies

hedy detail 4hedy detail 1

Multitudinal Hedy Parry Davies lr

Multitudinal by Hedy Parry-Davies

Parry-Davies’ piece for Type Tasting explores the ways we experience the River Thames through a combination of the maps we use to navigate our way around the city—via the Underground, cycling, walking and driving. The different maps show the overview of the city both present and past, and also link us to the personal experience of existing within it. “Maps express a wide range and detail of information efficiently and in a form which I find beautiful. My tessellated origami enabled me to inter-weave all these elements to create an artwork.”

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#LDF13 ‘Exotic’ by Lizzie Hobbs

Exotic-Lizzie HobbsExotic-Lizzie Hobbs2

#LDF13 ‘Exotic’ by Lizzie Hobbs

Hobbs has designed the word ‘Exotic’ “to reflect some of the cultures which are thriving in London. Each letter has been designed to reflect the script from these cultural languages and then filled in with patterns—Islamic, Middle Eastern and South Asian. The piece has been drawn freehand. ‘E’, ‘O’ and ‘I’ reflect Persian, Urdu and Arabic. ‘X’, ‘T’ and ‘C’ reflect Bengali, Tamil and Hindi.”

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#LDF13 ‘Ornithological’ by Claire Scully

 ornithological claire scully SQ

#LDF13 ‘Ornithological’ by Claire Scully

Scully’s meticulously hand drawn feathers display the level of intricate detail to be found in much her work including her typeface designs. ‘Ornithological’ was drawn late into the night after returning from a trip to the US to avoid dealing with jetlag.

The inspiration for Scully’s self initiated work often comes from my everyday surroundings of the metropolis and its relationship with the natural world. “I love 50’s, 60’s and 70’s architecture particularly tower blocks with their form and location, this is where I also find the connection to nature and natural patterns in the environment of interest.”

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