• Typographic Interventions

Find out how fonts impact your mood, alter what you taste and what they reveal about your personality

Hello I’m Sarah Hyndman, a multisensory type expert, graphic designer and author of ‘Why Fonts Matter’. I’ve been researching the perception of typography for the last five years and I’m excited that I now have enough results to start publishing them.

My plan is to write, design and publish a series of small books to document the process and share the results of each topic, while also continuing with the research. This will take time and money; to analyse the data, write and design the books, and to have them printed.

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What is a typographic intervention? What if it’s not what it says on the tin? Can typography alter your experiences, or nudge you to change your behaviour?

This year we are exploring the potential for creating typographic interventions that initiate positive behaviour change. You are invited to take part in typographic research. Some of the experiments you will take part in are in their early proof of concept stages, for others data is being gathered potentially to be published as a future collaborative study.

The Type Tasting Pop-up Typography Lab will be in residence at the D&AD Festival with a series of experiments running throughout the festival designed to gather data, and also to encourage you to think differently about typefaces and perception as you take part in them. Find out more here.

Sarah will be speaking at about the results of this ongoing project at the Museum of Brands on 25th October. This is intended as a conversation starter about the language of enticement vs the voice of authority or guilt, with a view to publishing the results later in the year. The first stages of the explorations have been featured in The Times and iNewspaper.

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