Type Safari Challenge

Dalston type safari photographingR

Take up the Type Safari Challenge and create a composition to reflect the area where you live.

We are surrounded by type and we use it to navigate our everyday lives. The letterforms we encounter as we walk down the high street influence our choices before we’ve even read the words. These also reveal a great deal about the the location, reflecting the social, economic and historical development of the area.

Take up the challenge and create your own composition, instructions are below.

Type Safari Gallery (click to enlarge)

Type Safari-Kawal Oberoi    BehJESNCUAAJ_ga

Kawal Oberoi (Delhi) / Karina Monger (Ilfracombe)

TypeSafari_Islington_Gabriella  Allyssa Syme2

Gabriella Kovacs (Islington, London) / Allyssa Syme (Islington, London)

Type Safari Challenge

1. Think of a phrase, quote, memory or lyric that you associate with the area, ideally between 10 and 25 characters long (including spaces).

2. Write this down on a piece of paper. Take a pen or pencil with you so you can cross out the letters as you find them.

3. Find the individual letters on the signs that make up your phrase, ideally using a camera with a zoom lens so you can isolate each letter.

4. Have fun and get creative; try daytime and night-time versions for comparison.

5. Combine your photos to spell out your phrase.

We would love to see your final compositions, please share them with us on Facebook , Twitter or Instagram.

Different letters found in Dalston assembled to make the phrase 'Club Labrynth'

Sam Roberts (Dalston, London)

sebastian   Alice Stevens

Sebastian Juhnke (Dalston, London) / Alice Stevens (Dalston, London)


Maria Cox

Maria Cox (Dalston, London)

Dalston Type Safaris—booking now
Join us for a Dalston Type Safari in East London, click here for dates and booking info.

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