More to words brochure

More to Words brochure

More to words than meets the eye.

You make judgements and assumptions that alter your experiences and influence your choices long before you digest what the words themselves say. Find out more about the ‘secret’ messages hidden in words that affect your thoughts, feelings, experiences and even your behaviour.

Sarah Hyndman is a London-based writer and public speaker who is involved in research into perception and reading. She specialises in making the complex topic accessible with originality, humour, a dash of theatre and lashings of audience participation. Presentations are adjusted to suit the audience. Whatever their level of knowledge they will find them an entertaining and enriching experience.

“Clever, insightful and original, left a lasting buzz and excitement behind!” Charlotte Godfrey, BBC Bristol.

“Sarah Hyndman’s talk was a gamechanger” Lily C at Typo San Francisco.

• Talks & masterclasses
• Team-building
• Creative workshops
• Brand/product PR

Download the brochure here.

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