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Typography is exciting because it plays an integral role in almost everything we do. However these are not just the serious and the intellectual things in our lives, they are also the everyday things we take for granted or the fun activities that entertain us. Here are some of the recent topics I’ve written about including the personalities of ampersands, the voices of street signs, the taste of sensory type & the surprise of influence.

“With ample survey research, Sarah Hyndman proves that typefaces influence us in surprising ways.” Just Your Type by Sarah Hyndman for Communication Arts magazine March/April 2016

“Lettering and typefaces combine to give a street its own individual dialect.” Sarah Hyndman on How to love fonts in The Big Issue, 25th January

“An ampersand is an invitation to imagine what will come next. It is a continuation of a conversation or story.” Sarah Hyndman takes a closer look at the ampersand in all its shapes and sizes and how each character embodies the personality of its typeface in a single glyph. Magpie magazine May 2016.

In a world that’s becoming increasingly visually dominant, Sarah Hyndman suggests that it’s more important than ever before to consider design as an immersive, fully multisensory discipline. Computer Arts, March 2016 (20th anniversary edition)


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