Don’t mention the f-word

font free cross

The challenge has been set: can I give a keynote talk on my subject without ever mentioning the words ‘font’, ‘typeface’ or ‘typography’?

Reading outside the lines
The world is full of words and these help us to navigate a course through our busy lives. However, all is not always as it seems, because we make judgements and assumptions that influence our experiences and our choices long before we read the words themselves.

Sarah will give insights into the ‘secret’ messages hidden in words that affect our every thought, feeling and even our behaviour. She will show that we instinctively understand these messages, but on a subconscious level, and how becoming consciously aware of them enables us to make smarter choices.

This is a fresh take on human responses; how we make sense of and interact with the world around us. The audience is invited to join in with lively games and demonstrations as they take part in the discovery process.

Would you like to book this talk? Find out more. 

Download the brochure.

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