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The Type Taster by Sarah Hyndman

First edition of The Type Taster: How fonts influence you by Sarah Hyndman
Limited edition of 2,000 books
Publish date: 14th February 2015, £18

Choose from 5 limited edition covers (400 of each cover design): Baskerville, Clarendon, Didot, Gill Sans, Helvetica. Inside the book you will find the corresponding personality analysis of your cover choice.
Contains red/blue ‘font goggles’.

“This is a fun romp through the world of typography—its evolution and application in today’s visual world that will make you think and make you laugh. This hugely enjoyable book is engaging, insightful and entertaining. Highly recommended.” Caryl Jones, Communications Consultant.

“This book is great! It’s an easy read which will go down a treat with designers and enthusiasts” Geraldine Marshall, Type Talk coordinator & member of the typographic hub, BCU.

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Pre-order price: £16 (until February 13th 2015).

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Collect in person from the Type Tasting studio in Dalston, London UK
Wednesday Feb 11th, 12–6pm
Thursday Feb 12th, 12–6pm
Tuesday Feb 17th, 12–6pm
Wednesday Feb 18th, 12–6pm
Thursday Feb 19th, 12–9.30pm (evening)
Friday Feb 20th, 12–5pm
Sunday Feb 22nd, 12–5pm

Type Tasting, Studio F7
The Chocolate Factory N16
Farleigh Place (off Farleigh Road)
London N16 7SX
(Nearest stations are Dalston and Rectory Road)

Please email if you have any questions
Type Tasting is brought to you by Sarah Hyndman of With Relish Ltd.


We are all type consumers: we interact constantly with type in our everyday lives, fonts effect what we read and they influence the choices we make.

Take a look at the experiences and associations type evokes. Fonts have different personalities that can create trust, mistrust, give you confidence, make things seem easier to do or make a product taste better. Understand the science behind how fonts influence what you read. They’re hidden in plain sight, they trigger memories, associations and multi sensory experiences in your imagination.

•    Fonts can alter the meanings of words right before your very eyes.
•    Try on ‘font goggles’ to reveal what some fonts are really communicating to you.
•    See what personalities fonts have, and what they reveal about YOUR personality.
•    Explore how you respond to fonts emotionally and how you could use this to your advantage.
•    Be amazed that a font has the power to alter the taste of your food.

This book is for you if:
You are a type consumer who would like to be more aware of fonts and how you are influenced by them. / You work in the technology and communication industries and want to know more about the power of type. / You are a graphic designer, or design student who would like to read a book on typography that takes a different approach including research and current thinking.

Graphic designer Sarah Hyndman specialises in exploring how fonts influence us as type consumers. Taking her knowledge as a graphic designer of nearly 20 years, Sarah has combined this with her own typography research and the findings of psychologists and neuroscientists. Sarah has recently worked on a collaborative research project with the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at Oxford University. Her recent TEDx talk on typography will be live on the TEDx website later in December. Sarah gives talks and runs workshops for organisations including the D&AD, and she continues her practice as a graphic designer.

WRTT125_TTT_Section00_Covers_AW_Layout 1
Click on the pages to enlarge and read them.
Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10)
 Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10) Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10) Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10)

Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10)

Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10)

Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10)

The Type Taster cover font: Baskerville The Type Taster cover font: ClarendonThe Type Taster cover font: DidotThe Type Taster cover font: Gill Sans The Type Taster cover font: Helvetica

Choose from 5 limited edition covers (400 of each cover design): Baskerville, Clarendon, Didot, Gill Sans, Helvetica. Inside the book you will find the corresponding personality analysis of your cover choice.

Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10) Layout 1 (Page 9 - 10)

Type is both functional and evocative.

The results of the personality surveys of different typefaces.

Edible Helvetica.

Dimensions: 22 x 18 cm.
144 Pages plus cover.
Cover printed on 350gsm uncoated board,
pages printed on 170gsm uncoated paper.
Perfect bound.

deesign week logo 72


Wake up and smell the fonts

Sarah shares with us a story of type and invites us to consider our emotional response to the printed word. Each font/typeface has a personality that influences our interpretation of the words we read by evoking our emotions and setting the scene. We all understand this instinctively but it happens on a subconscious level. Sarah shows us that conscious awareness of the emotional life of fonts can be entertaining and ultimately give us more control over the decisions we make.

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences.

© Sarah Hyndman 2015

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