New: Tuesday Type Tastings

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Announcing ‘Tuesday Type Tastings’ which will take place on a Tuesday evening in the Type Tasting studio. Explore how typefaces affect your experiences and influence your choices. This is an entertaining and interactive Type Tasting session full of demonstrations and with a dash of theatre. Ideal for non-designers.

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• See how fonts alter the meanings of words before your very eyes.
• Find out more about the psychology of fonts and how they communicate non-verbally.
• Try on ‘font goggles’ that will reveal what fonts are really communicating.
• See not only how fonts give words a personality, but also what they reveal about YOURS.
• Explore how fonts change the mood, and how you could use this to your advantage.
• Play multi-sensory games that will confuse your senses.
• Be amazed by the power of a font to alter the taste of your food.
• Take away your Font Fortune at the end of the session.

Sarah Hyndman hosts Type Tasting and shares the tricks of the trade she uses as a graphic designer. She has worked in the design industry for nearly 20 years and has run her own business for the last decade with clients ranging from the Philharmonia Orchestra to Coutts Bank. Since launching Type Tasting in 2013 she has organised an exhibition at the V&A with the London Design Festival, been interviewed on Radio 4’s Today and was invited to run a workshop at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. She is currently working on collaborative projects with the Crossmodal Research Lab in Oxford, writing a Type Tasting book and will be giving a TEDx talk in November.

Level: Ideal for non-designers (or for designers curious to explore type as a type consumer).

£25, maximum of 15 people, click on your chosen date below to book.
• 2 glasses of wine.
• Sweets and nibbles as part of the tasting experience.
• ‘Fortune Fonts’ goody bag to take home.

Please note this is not a meal. You may wish to eat either before or after in one of the great places in Dalston

23 sept 28 oct 18 nov


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