Blog: Open Studios preparation

pencils and hanging dalston 3

Blog: Open Studios preparation

Preparations well under way in the Type Tasting studio ready for Open Studios Weekend with the first event happening tonight. We were hammering nails, painting, tidying and arranging into the night last night. We’re looking forward to seeing you over the weekend.

glow sleep glow secret glow_onethat I want

tt leaflet
designed ldf specs
Find out what typography is and why it’s relevant to all of us. Come along and talk about entering a typographic piece for the Type Tasting exhibition with the London Design Festival at the V&A. Buy a range of typographic items including Object Type Samplers and glow in the dark fairground letters.

drink me cabinet eat me daylight glow detail glow sleep h
dalston sign a dalston signs
A type classification sheet of Dalston signage runs through Blackletter, Script and a Roman Mosaic font to Victorian display type and neon. Join a drop in workshop to customise a Dalston signage letter and create your own version of, for example, the Birthday’s ‘B’ or the iconic Moustache Bar symbol.

hanging dalston 1 hanging dalston 2 dalston ransom note pics
letter a back display a daylight
3D display letters are stuffed with pages from old dictionaries or maps, you don’t have to be on holiday to send a postcard with our summertime postcard sets. Also available are screen printed posters and a selection of greetings cards and small prints.

summertime pcs click heels posters 2 star wars card

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